Hi does anyone have an ideal about the cost of being a vendor

at the bridal shows?


happy wedding all


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it depends on the show and where; so fees can range from $200 - $4500

I have been a vendor at a bridal show for the past 6 years. The show runs one day and a 10ft by 10ft booth costs around $1800.  That provides a pipe and drape backdrop, carpeting on the floor and a skirted table. Power is extra but I would not go without it as lighting adds a lot to your booth.

 Some things you should consider when doing a show:

How many brides are going to attend the show?

Where is your location?

What size of booth do you need?


Probably quite a bit, but it would be a great idea to get into a few once a year to get your name out there.



Bridal Jewellery

Now that I'm producing my own bridal shows, I'm falling in love with them more and more through my research.  They are so different from state-to-state and company-to-company.  I produce 5 a year and each one is uniquely themed and geared toward different vendor goals.  Our smaller expos begin at $275 and are tables only with an 8 ft backdrop.  Our largest show provides booths ranging in sizes from 8x8 to a 16x24 island for $4200. (And this doesn't even include our pricing for our couture expo).  In comparison, the popular, longer running bridal expos begin at $899 for a 6x8 table and for an island - it can be as much as $5900. I think expos can provide an excellent ROI as long as you do your research first. (And if someone is offended about you asking questions about the expo - then they do not have the exhibitors/sponsors as their first priority.) 

Good luck.

Thanks to everyone who commented on my bridal show question.  Thanks for your input.





Thanks to All of you for you responses.


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