Hi All,

I recently got married and my bridesmaids gave me a great gift at my bridal shower - it was a charm bracelet and they each purchased a charm that had meaning. I am now a bridesmaid for one of my best friends and am trying to think of a meaningful gift (similar to what they bought for me, but different so that she has her own unique bridal shower). The ideal gift would be meaningful, sentimental and something that all of the bridesmaids could participate in, aside form a photo book, which we all plan to do anyways. 

Let me know if you have any ideas!



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If she has not picked out her bridal bouquet, consider a crystal which represents either meaning to each of you or represents your birth stones or a painting that represents a special moment you all spent together.
Ooo! Caren, you always comes up with great ideas!
That is a great idea!
Hi Lisa,

I recently got married and my cousin invited me for a night at a lovely hotel. That could be a nice present for the bride to just relax before the wedding. Or you could possibly find out what she needs, makeup or jewellery and buy those items for her.

I think Caren's idea is lovely too!

I think some DIY gift will be meanful. I like this.
I just bought a number of Name Necklaces for my bridesmaids, i got them on this great site called MyNameNecklace.com. I received them yesterday and I am so looking forward to handing them out at my bridal shower to all those participating in my ceremony. The funny thing is is that I am a huge fan of Sex and the City and all the necklaces are in the Carrie style. They are high quality and truly beautiful.
What about something photo related? A beautiful multi-picture frame with a picture of each of you and the bride (all different pictures).
Lisa, S.A.C. Events Planning Services offer gift certificates to Mother of the Bride and Bridesmaids that can be gifted to the Bride.
Maybe the bridesmaids can purchase a gift certificate for wedding planning services for the bride so she can take it easy as the big day gets closer and have someone else take care of the last minute things or be the go to person on the day of the event.
Instead of one gift certificate, ask the wedding planner to do different certificates for different services from each bridesmaid which collectively will take care of her last minute errands/tasks.

I don't know if it's too late to pitch in - but here's something i am working on which has a similar theme. I was going to post on my blog about it later in the week, but don't mind sharing it here first.

Recently I got a call from the Maid of Honor of a bride I am working with. The attendants wanted to do something special which would connect all of them beyond the wedding.

What we decided was that they would each wear a different color on the night of the shower. They would all have the same necklace - in a flat briolette crystal matching the color of their dress (they had black, aquamarine, ruby, and olivine). Then they were going to give the bride the same thing - only in Swarowski's Aurora Borealis.

That way they will all have the same necklace - which they will keep - but everybody's will be different.
Perhaps you could each get an item that forms the best memory of your friendship thus far,
and gather all of them and seal it in a box, collaged with all your pictures.
I love this idea, Pennie. Perhaps it could become a time capsule!
Congrats to Lisa and Happy new life.Yeah you are wright and thanks for sharing the information.If any one needs help to plan a wedding,you may try the wedding planner iPad app and make use of it.


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