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I recently got married and my bridesmaids gave me a great gift at my bridal shower - it was a charm bracelet and they each purchased a charm that had meaning. I am now a bridesmaid for one of my best friends and am trying to think of a meaningful gift (similar to what they bought for me, but different so that she has her own unique bridal shower). The ideal gift would be meaningful, sentimental and something that all of the bridesmaids could participate in, aside form a photo book, which we all plan to do anyways. 

Let me know if you have any ideas!



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Scheduling a day spa trip for the girls in the bridal party with the bride would be a good gift! You could all chip in so that you pay one price. Schedule the day spa trip with facials, pedicures, and other services that the day spa venue can provide. It gives you a chance to unwind before the wedding. Inviting the mother of the bride and groom would be a nice touch! Be sure to bring a camera as pictures are worth a thousand words!

As you said photo album is must, plus you can give her some videos of the moments you spent together. Also, there can be chits written by each of you telling her importance in your lives.

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I think a beautiful necklace with her name!


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