Bridal Showers - What is the point besides receiving gifts you've ordered for yourself???

To no surprise, bridal showers are mostly an American custom. No
other country is as obsessed with gifts or rituals where the main goal
is to tell a bride how wonderful she is as she thanks all her mother’s
friends for every candlestick, picture frame and serving platter that
she ordered for herself.

Share your thoughts!!!???

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Ritual is the reason bridal showers still exist . Where initially a young bride needed a shower to begin to build her home, now most brides are older and have established homes so they don't need linens, platters and candleholders.

But what's wrong with celebrating one of life's milestones with friends and family who want to wish you well? What brides sometimes forget is that while their wedding is 'her special, big day' is also has deep meaning for her loved ones. That connection gets honored (and hopefully strengthened) through the variety of bridal/wedding events.

Couples who feel that they don't need more gifts can ask guests to donate to their favorite charity ( or possibly help with honeymoon expenses (,,

Dina coming soon!
I am sorry to report that you have completely missed the point. It is a persons personal character that determines her appreciation of her mother friends taking the time and spendng the money to buy their friends daughter a gift. Personally I think it is bad taste to issue a list and prefer to let people choose their own gifts. However, I am told that people like it when they are told what to either case, what are you really so angry about ? Why would you think that the main goal of the Bridal shower is to tell the bride she is wonderful. And what would be so wrong about using an occassion to tell someone that you are happy for them and think they are wonderful? Actually Bridal showers are about wishing wonderful things for the bride to be..
And lastly, I take issue with your bashing America or its customs. This is the greatest country on earth and for your information we did not invent gift giving nor rituals. Those things started before Jesus Christ was born.
Bridal showers are a way for families and friends to support the bride-to-be. It is not just about the presents, but about the stories, connections, and memories you create. A bridal shower is one activity leading up to what may be the most important day of your life. Why not just enjoy it?
Thank you for all the comments. Keep the discussion going! At Bridelines, we give our honest opinion - although we do respect and understand the tradition of bridal showers and love to spend time with our family and friends, from the bridal party view, sometimes they are boring, silly and self-indulgent. I am not bashing America, as we are Americans. I am just pointing out the fact that showers are largely an American custom.
Well, actually, Bridelines, the format of a shower might seem American, but I understand that Indian weddings also contain events that are shower-like and involve gifts. What did you want to learn about with this question?
I just wanted to generate discussion and get viewpoints. That is the purpose of Bridelines blog.
Bridelines - Thanks for generating such a great discussion. I can see all point of views!
Mission accomplished. You got us talking. Interesting to see how strongly views can be about weddings. I bet these kinds of discussions crop up in families and among friends often. You're right that it's all about encouraging everyone to share their views. You just gotta ask open questions and go from there, right? As Christine says, it's all good
I think it's a great way to get the bride's female friends and family together before the wedding. Not all would be interested in the wild bachelorette parties so this is a nice alternative. For my bridal shower, because I love crafts, my bridesmaids threw me a craft themed shower where we each decorated a photo frame. It was fun to see all the different designs everyone came up with up! The gifts were just a bonus.
Bridal Showers are a relatively new thing here in the UK but I can see that they are a lovely way to celebrate the precious time you have before you have your baby.
And I think in these credit crunch times, there is nothing wrong with the mother picking her own gifts. Better to have something she wants and something she will use than just buying her something that will get stuffed at the back of the closet.


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