What do Brides think of Bridal Shows?

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I'd like to believe that brides find them as a useful resource where they can touch base with options for each part of their day and generate solid starts in the booking process. I haven't done any over the past couple of years due to lack of positive ROI on the few we did (music entertainment company), which makes me believe that they are there for some other reasons. Reading many brides' comments in forums backs up this thought. I often read them saying that they are there to try and win prizes, taste test cakes, watch the fashion shows, and generally have fun on a day during the winter months when they are starting to get excited about the planning process that is about to begin. Like I said above, though, I hope I am wrong and that the majority of brides go and engage with vendors in hopes of booking them.
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As a budgeted bride myself not long ago, I can tell you that I found them inspiring. It gives you lots of ideas and if done right, vendors you can use.

More importantly too, it gets your recognized with other vendors. Planners and such that might recommend you in the future from seeing your work and your creativity at the show.


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