Bridal Shows - difference between the big shows & Elite Shows

All brides know that there are bridal shows and brides in droves attend them, but not all brides realize what the differences between the big shows and smaller Elite shows are.  Here’s what vendors and smart brides know and why they attend the Elite shows far more than the bigger shows.


First let’s start with big shows.  Highly visible, everyone knows about them, several vendors from each category all of which are killing themselves to attract your attention.  There’s no real investigation as to if the vendor sending in their money and application to be included in the show is an outstanding vendor or wedding professional.  DIY brides are there to see what the newest trends are so they can try to re-produce them on tighter budgets.  It’s a big show and brides flock because they’ve heard about on the TV, radio and it’s been in the paper, shows up in on line searches etc. 


Then upon arriving the excited bride wanting to get the needed materials to help her plan her wedding … is thrown into this sea of hundreds of other brides and their group of friends and mothers with 20-50 vendors giving her a rushed sales pitch and sending her out the door, head spinning, overwhelmed and with a bag of paper materials.  The bride typically feels like she and the other brides somehow been turned into cattle at a cattle call and now has no idea what to do next.  She didn’t get to spend any time talking to any of the vendors, just given info, talked to not talked with and then pushed down the aisle to the next table.


Then let’s discuss what an Elite bridal show means.  The biggest difference, it’s far more laid back, instead of hundreds of brides, at most there’s 100-150.  There’s 1 wedding professional and their company per category, the vendors and wedding professionals have been in some cases hand-picked to be there and if not hand-picked then there’s been an extensive interview process to ensure that they are of great quality and deliver again and again exactly what they’ve promised and in most cases exceeded their clients expectations.  Additionally an Elite Show usually includes categories that come before your wedding day, your actual wedding day and after your wedding day and each and every wedding professional is one of a kind, completely unique in their field, meaning that they offer not just the regular wedding services but truly customize their services to their clients and the needs of that client.  So it’s your wishes, your vision and you that gets the attention all the way through the planning and on your wedding day.  You get to spend the time to get to know the wedding professionals and the wedding professionals get to know you. 


What exactly does that mean?  It means that you’ll get to actually sit down with your glass of champagne and talk to the owner of the rental company that carries the glasses you’ve been dying to have at your engagement party.  You can talk to the owner of the salon that specializes in bachelorette parties.  You get to really discuss with the honeymoon professional your trip and which bells and whistles you want.  You can spend time to really meet and see the quality in the photographer’s pictures.  You’ll get to see a fashion show in 95% of the cases by a designer who custom designs wedding gowns.  You can discuss your wedding gown vision with the professional who would actually make your gown to your measurements and to your vision. 


So in re-cap, there’s a few brides in comparison to the big shows and their guests in attendance verses the massive show.  If you’re a busy professional or student with very limited time, you can hire all of the professionals, including the high quality planner and coordinator to help you pull together all of the details.  You can spend a few hours and actually leave with a minimum of ½ your wedding professionals hired and feel really good about your decisions.  When you leave, you feel great, far less stress and still very excited about your wedding knowing that you’ve met the best of the best, high quality wedding professionals who consistently deliver on their promises and have your best interests in heart….and they’re working with you on your wedding to make your wedding day as you’ve envisioned.


Now that you know the difference, I’m sure that we’ll be seeing you at an Elite Bridal Show soon.  Regardless of if you attend a show hosted by us or another wedding professional, please remember to pre-register.  It’s the way that the host makes sure that there is plenty of champagne, appetizers and has the high quality wedding professionals for you to talk with who care about you.  Now you’re one of the smart brides too.  Jennifer Lane, A Memory Lane Event, Denver

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Thank you for writing this.  As an event producer of Elite Bridal Shows in Chicago we focus on helping small businesses grow their customer base and still meet the needs of each individual bride.  We pride ourselves in our interview process with our vendors guiding them through marketing, developing a booth and how to develop a relationship with our brides.  This is a great article and expresses exactly what we do. Thank you, Maritza, Organizer.


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