I am planning a bridal event for one of my client's; a bit different than the norm.  What would you say are the top 5 "must-have" factors that are key to attendance for both vendors and brides?

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Samples for the individual to take home and check out.
Dress designs to look at for a few body types and styles.
Pamphlets and items from venues that the venues and vendors have at their location.

Thank You for your response!

What services do you provide?
As a newbie vendor at wedding events, I'm looking for shows to offer me not only great pricing for advertising and small booth options, but to allow me performance options, as well. I'd also like to see shows encourage collaboration between vendors, with booth space and marketing opportunities, when desired. I'd love to have show coordinators recommend other vendors to me that would be a great match (ie wedding planners, etc.)

I write Custom Songs for Special Occasions. My business is unique, home-based and requires a different approach to the trade show experience.

Thanks and best of luck!
Jennifer Haase
I think that the more information provided, the better.

I know that my company brings literature that describes our packages, options, etc.

Then we have flyers that advertise things our company offers that brides always ask about but aren't sure whether or not we provide it... uplighting, gobos, live music, etc.
Thank You!

Lisa ~ Sublime Perceptions
I became aware how very crucial the toasts and speeches are at a wedding I attended last year.
The Best Man simply wasn't prepared or else he was scared to death. That part didn't surprise me. It was a large formal, formal wedding so everyone was a little nervous. What surprised me was that his speech was
remembered even a year later. It was a blot on the otherwise perfect wedding.

When I began learning about websites this year and had to pick a niche I remembered that wedding. And the Best Man's speech. I hunted around until I came across some speeches written by a professional speech writer, Dan Stevens. Mr. Stevens had written a speech for each speaker at a wedding. Actually he prepared 20 speeches that could be cut and pasted to make each one intimate to that particular wedding! To make a long story shorter, I chose that as my website's niche -- http://www.bestweddingtoastsspeeches.com. My suggestion would be for each wedding planner to include that set of 6 books (speeches for the Best Man, Father of the Bride, Mother of the Bride, Maid of Honor, the Bride, and the Groom) along with the Bride's copy of the wedding plans. The Bride would give the book to each of her chosen people. The Groom would give his Best Man the proper book that would inform him of the big part he plays in the wedding. The speeches made at that wedding will be spoken of for many years with pleasure and respect.


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