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With the Summer/Fall round of Bridal Shows quickly approaching, again comes the time for vendors to start thinking about where they would like to showcase their work.

I am interested to know what you, as a Vendor, find to be the most successful way begin an interaction with a potential client.

Do you prefer/have more success at large Covention Center shows, or smaller shows held at places like Golf Courses or local Banquet Halls?

Also, I am interested to know what, as a show attendee, would make you stop and chat with a Vendor.

I look forward to hearing all of your opinions!

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Having never been to or been part of a Bridal Show, I would like to know how to find them? I have been to the local bridal houses and florists, but finding the shows or wedding planners seems to be top secret. Any help would be appreciated. I just finished my first wedding season with 18 weddings and that's great, but I would like to do more and have a more consistent schedule next year.
Thanks for sharing these great tips Kathi Caldwell-Hopper!
We are doing our first expo at the end of January. We plan on displaying our camcorder on a tripod with lights shining up from the ground. Maybe getting some chocolate (a womans best friend). Two tv's. One to display wedding video samples and another to run our animated logo. Someone in this thread mentioned getting lamps. I like that idea too.

I created customized water bottles with my info on it during a couple of shows I did this past year-BIG hit!  Tons of people came by to grab a bottle of water, I find people are parched as they walk through the shows, and then I saw a few left around just waiting for the next person to read them.
wow, that's a great idea. Can you tell me where you purchased the water and the labels (or did they come together)?  Thanks!!

It's all about ROI--Return on investment. Consider bridal shows produced by companies who have a track record for bringing in qualified brides, not just ladies who want to visit a bridal show for a fun thing to do on a Sunday afternoon. If the brides are ready to book, then it doesn't matter where the show occurs. If only 30 brides show up at a little show at a B&B, but they are all ready to book, then that's a great show. If 500 show up at a convention center, but most are just there to see the fashion show and aren't ready to book, it is a crummy show. It isn't about the numbers, it is about the intent.

You must have something to draw a person into your booth. Sitting behind a table with your brochures won't do it. Have a raffle inside your booth. Give brides a 10% discount if they book your services at the bridal fair. The key is to give them a reason to want to visit with you. As a musician, I bring my harp and play in my booth. I provide chairs for the brides to sit down and listen. They want to see exactly what they will experience on their wedding day if they choose to hire me.


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