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Hi everyone.  One of my brides canceled her wedding two weeks before the big day.  Now she wants to know if she should return all the gifts and money she received at the shower only 6 weeks ago.


What is your opinion on this?

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What is the right and fair thing to do, you might want to ask her. Is it right and fair that she accept gifts intended for her wedding when she has decided not to go through with it? I believe that she should return all the gifts, including the monetary gifts she received.  That is my opinion on it.


Arlene from OutdoorWedding

I think the bride to be should return all the gifts and money she  has received. 

Yes!  It is the proper and right thing to do not only for her concious, but for her guests.  The gifts are in celebration of her marriage and to help her and her groom start their new life together.  Since that is not happening the gifts and money need to be returned, perhaps with a thank you for the kind gesture.




I agree, it's not fair to keep them when it's not the two of them sharing the items and money together to start off their new life.
...I do agree with everyone else, it wouldnt really be very fair on her friends and family who had gifted her for her special definately is the most moral and right thing to do to return gifts for a special occasion which didnt go ahead.
i do agree with everyone's replay,
I think the bride to be should return all the gifts and money she  has received. 

I am a Professional Bridal Consultant and have studied wedding etiquette as part of my certification....yes, etiquette does dictate that all wedding gifts be returned if the wedding has been cancelled. However if the wedding has been cancelled to be rescheduled to a later date ( probably due to a family emergency or any other reason), the gifts do not have to be returned. It is only required that the guests be informed about the changes in date & venue


This question really depends on the situation, I think, but I vote for returning it. At least, I would return the gifts.
I would send a message to all my guests and ask them if they prefer the gift to be returned or given to a charity of their choice, or decide on a charity organization and stipulate which one to my guests. What will guests do with the gift anyway; at least if their gift to you can become a gift for the needy, they won't feel so bad as for just getting the gift back....May not be a wedding etiquette, but current life etiquette is to think about others in this world where poverty grow big and sharing can be from a joyful or a sadder situation, no matter what the situation, when there is waste, it better be shared with whom may need it most...Cheers,


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