Hello everyone!
Any 2012 brides out there? My fiancé and I are getting married in 2012. It’ll be the Six years that we have known each other. We have set the date and the theme of wedding. Also, I have ordered my liked beach wedding dress http://www.inweddingdress.com/style-bc340.html.
How's the planning coming along for you?

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Hey! Not a 2012 bride YET lol hoping to be one soon ;-) But I just wanted to comment on the dress you've chosen and I must say it is gorgeous!! Love the style....the look is very simple, chic, and elegant. Great choice and I hope it looks FABULOUS on you! =) Good luck!

I'm a 2010 bride too! We've only been together 3 years but it feels like my whole life. I haven't done too much in the way of making planning decisions, but I'm doing a lot of research. My dress isn't made yet, but it's coming from this shop: http://www.gatheringguide.com/event_dir/ca_california/sp_bridal_sho...   and your dress is beautiful! I'm not getting stressed yet because it still seems like there's time, but I know it's going to speed by too quickly.

i haven't im just looking, and getting ideas, and price quoting. we havent even done our E pics yet!! everytime i start thinking about it.For that i searching in the online. My friend has suggested me that If any one needs help to plan a wedding,they may use the wedding app and get gain from it.


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