What are some components that Brides consider when shopping around for a wedding planner? What really draws brides to a specific wedding planner in oppose to another?

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Every one is familiar with emotional spending! All consumers whether they realize this are not shop for the familiar and make decisions based on what they "FEEL" is right. Brides are no different when shopping for a wedding planner, someone they will spend at least a year planning one of the most personal days of their lives, they search for familiarity. Word of mouth from friends is one thing that drives brides. If they see a logo or advertisement they think "let me ask around and see if anyone has ever heard of XOXO Weddings" and if no one has heard of it then she may contact vendors that she has already booked to ask if they know anything. The bottom line is they shop based on emotion. If someone gives them a good report or she meets the planner of XOXO and it feels right or she likes the planner then she'll most likely book. If not she will continue her search or decide to risk it all and plan the event herself or place it in the hands of a FRIEND or family member she knows {familiar} and can trust {feeling}!
I would say that above all else, a Bride will go on recommendations from Family and friends. It is a massive job to give to someone and you want to be sure you have the right planner. However, if one wedding planner offers services that the Bride cannot get anywhere else, then surely she will have the edge. I don't think that there is a "one size fits all" answer to this question.
I suppose ultimately, it is about shopping about and getting the best value for your money.
From my experience, most of my referrals come from word of mouth. A friend told a friend. Whether they were the client or attended an event where S.A.C Events Planning Services, LLC were the planners.
I have found that the bridal shows are very overwhelming, fast paced and time consuming so hiring an event planner at one of these shows does not usually happen.
The myth that hiring an event planner will cost too much money needs to be cleared up because our goals are to save the client time,money and stress. I ask them to start thinking of what else they could be doing instead of tending to the tedious tasks of planning their wedding. Leave the tedious to the experts but this by no means mean that we don't want their input.
So far, honesty, trust and personality has always worked in our favor. The bride must evaluate how dedicated is the planner to her wedding!


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