If you had to choose a region in Italy for a destination wedding where would you go?

  1. Tuscany?
  2. Piedmont?
  3. Puglia?
  4. Amalfi?

Have you ever heard of Piedmont? What kind of setting would you look for if you chose a region in Italy?

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Amalfi, for me
thanks for the reply!
okay 1 for amalfi... maybe for the luxury? the sea? the name? are you familiar with piemonte?

Is it not better to ask this on the professional wedding planner on that country?

Tiamo weddings is a great wedding planner for Italy. So ask them!! I be sure you get the best answer!

Good luck!!


Tuscany has a lot to offer take a looking at wwww.tuscanyparty.com or www.extraordinarydestinationweddings.com

Tuscany or Liguria there you can find the best wedding venues. More venues from this part of Italy you can find there www.WhereWedding.co.uk/italy/ good luck and have a perfect wedding time in Italy!

I couldn't want anything more than to choose Tuscany for an exotic marriage since last year I wedded in Tuscany and for my wedding, I enlist a wedding organizer of Tuscany name as dream tuscany wedding which makes our big day remarkable for us. The organizer do every one of the things as per our need and with in a reasonable spending plan. Every one of the things connected with our wedding are simply great and the credit goes to the organizer.


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