Now that you've completed your ensemble, how do you prepare your bridesmaids?

How do you choose shoes & accessories?


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I have all different size BM, so I went for a dress that would flatter all sizes.I choose 100 way dresses for my summer wedding and ivory shoes for the girls.  I can't do anything to prepare them just need them to show-up and enjoy my moment with me:)

Typically we would order the shoe of your choice for your bridesmaids in bulk.  Therefore that would be one less thing to stress about.  

Most of your bridesmaids will be having different shoes sizes and opinions, so you all need to sit together, discuss as well as do some research for accessories also. Try the website below, I hope it helps

When I married I actually purchased each participant a pair of Nine West sandals and we all wore the same shoes.  Maybe I was just picky!! (shrugs shoulders!) :-)


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