Is it rude?
I have a lot to do and I feel using my time for planning catering decoration etc is better spent than who will sit where.

But not sure if it will be seen as rude or not.

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I have to second the first comment. I coordinated a wedding last year, where there was open seating. The problem is that the bride had provided escort cards without any table numbers. She intended for each guest to secure their own seat at any table they preferred.

I can tell you it was really confusing to her guests, especially the older folks.

I know creating a seating chart can be a huge nightmare and cause a lot of "disharmony" between you and your parents or his, but it is worth it on the wedding day.

Hope this helps,

Jocelyn Dunn

Dunn Wedding Design- Portsmouth RI

I've only ever been to two weddings in my life, one where the seating was assigned and one where it was not. Honestly, people ended up rearranging the seating anyways at the wedding with assigned seating. The open seating wedding worked just fine. It was made clear that the front two tables were for the bride and groom's close family and the rest of us just made friends.


If you do end up assigning, places like TheKnot have programs to help you sort everything out.

If you can take the time to do assigned seating please do it!  It is very important and allows the seating to be organized and run smoothly.  The last thing you want is a family or group of friends who  arrive late and find out they have to split up their party because their is not a full empty table left for them.  Many times (and this does happen), they will request another table so they can sit together.   Now what do you have no specialty linen, seat covers or an extra centerpiece.  I know how tedious assigned seating lists can be but it's worth it.

Good luck!


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