When I decided to start my company I wanted to launch a website, naturally I wanted to use photos of events that I have done in the past. 90% of my past events are predominately African American, now I have to wonder when another race is surfing for a wedding planner and comes across my site will they think I only target a particular race? Which leads to the bigger question do I remove all the photos or purchase photos or just let things stay the way they are. I am soliciting advice from other professionals, so please check out the site and tell me what you think www.KamileonEvents.com

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having been where you are, I would say, leave them there. I started pretty much the same way and I learned that people are hiring you for your work
show your best work and the "other races" will come
Thank you, I will allow time to run its course
I agree with Mr. Simmons in terms of not changing your pictures. If anything add to your gallery. Anyone can utilize "stock" photos but, there's something that is said loud and clear when you display actual clients you've worked with and the testimonials they bring.

Les Brown once said, "Life has not limitations, except the ones you make." It is your ability to demonstrate the quality work you bring to your clients that will direct them to secure your services. Maintain your determination to provide excellent work. That is something that is reflected in your website.

"The difference between the impossible and the possible lies in a person's determination."-Tommy Lasorda
Thank you for the advice, and the reminder of Les Brown. You prompted me to pull out some of his things and reflect, I needed that.

Shona, as a caucasion female, I found your website is not target to any particular race. I feel that a website should represent your work and right now it is that race, let your work speak for itself. Shona, the only thing I would add to your homepage is where you have your testimonials, I would add that picture to the homepage (maybe a smaller image of that picture). One last thing your wedding planning is beautiful.
Beth-Forever Friends
Thank you for providing outside feedback, it's great to know and have the feeling that your work speaks for itself
I have absolutely experienced this and I thank you so much for issuing this discussion! The advice is awesome!


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