Centerpieces tell your guests how much time, care, and thought you put into having the perfect wedding. They should, at the very least, get noticed. Have you ever been to a wedding where the centerpieces had the "wow" factor? If so, what was it that caught your eye? If not, do you think it's time for some new ideas to be introduced?

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One of things I love so much about this industry is that new things pop up everyday. New twists on old ideas or just plain new (hard to find) ideas are always welcome. We have a very large ballroom so centerpieces tend to be tall to bring the room together. Crystal trees and large candelabra's are popular for our venue as are branches coming out of the top of a centerpiece with dangles of flowers or crystals. The more table size centerpieces we have seen all involve candles, varying sizes with flowers or fruit as accents.

I have seen a lot of use of artichokes this season and pears and granny smith apples, mostly under glass with tea lights around the outside. Makes for an interesting centerpiece and is elegant in it's simplicity. Hope that helps!
Branches seem to be very popular. I have a lot of brides asking for variations such as iced/snowed branches with icicles hanging from them for a winter wonderland theme to branches with hanging candle lanterns and flowers.

However, artichokes is definitely something different!! I would imagine there are so many ways of designing something with that! Very cool!

I appreciate your input, Heaven on Earth! Thank you!

Anyone else out there with some interesting/new ideas?


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