Hi, I found a very lovely champagne color wedding dress from VogueQueen. It's very special! Will you wear wedding dresses that are not white on your big day?

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It is so chic and color is so beautiful. I liked it. Its lower part is much better.

Lovely! I've always thought I'd love to go with a colored dress, rather than traditional white. These are Gorgeous!

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Ooh I love that dress!

I love the idea of wedding gowns in other colors! Have you seen http://weddings.gatheringguide.com/ac/wedding-dresses-bridal-gowns/...? I love it!!

Its beautiful. But i think i would wear like this www.edressit.com/_p3997.html

Simple elegant tone, easy moving, suitable for reception.

definitely one of the prettiest wedding colours :) dont know if you knew that different colours can have meaning, so better affect marriage future with the GOOD :p according to http://www.wherewedding.co.uk/articles-what-does-your-dress-say-abo... blue is quite a good choice ;)


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