Choosing colours for flowers, bridesmaids, etc..

I am trying to figure out what colours will best match with my dress. It is an ivory dress and i was hoping for nice and bright colours since it a late spring wedding, but i have been told that softer pastels go better with ivory. I know its my wedding and I can do whatever i want but I want it to look good! My bridesmaids dont have any preference to a colour and my only no no's are purple, blue and black. my favourite colour is pink and i was hoping to find a nice pink but i wanted to include at least one other accent colour. Luckily it is fairly early in the planing stage but any suggestions or ideas on how to decide would be so helpful!!

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thanks, if you can send me some links, i just haven't really seen anything that jumps out at me yet. i just dont see alot of sample pictures with dresses in in ivory...much appreciated!
If you want to chose lighter shade you can go with baby pink or in bright color you can opt for royal blue both look elegant and enhance your dress.
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Hi Tracy

So we know you are wearing Ivory, what colour are your bridesmaids wearing?? - This would make such
a huge difference in what you choose for them and than you can co-ordinate it so it all ties in nicely!!

I think you could do a lot with Ivory, I personally Like all shades of pinks with lime greens.
but on the other hand you could go with Late', chocolate colours with pinks - I recently did a great combination
of this if this helps you - check out my website under Wedding flowers or Love stories tab.

Cheers & good luck!

Good luck
Hi Tracy its wedding,Since you have opted for a ivory dress and you love the colour pink.i think you should go for a caorise pink and if you havent choosen suits for the men a navy would go really well with that.we recently did a runner ivory navy and caorise pink and it was stunning .if you would like a wedding runner for your wedding you should visit

ps.hope i helped you a little

Go to They have the greatest color suggesions on their inspiration boards. I sure you will find that great color to make your special day.

I hope you have found the perfect colors for your wedding. Now it's time to think about the flowers that will go with your gown and your bridesmaids. With so many types of flowers available in so many colors you might want to check out to help with your selections. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me. Best Wishes on Your Special Day...
These kind of situation will have more confusion while choosing the colors for these things.Get the suggestion from the well wisher and suits you.Be sure you like the color.If the all the things meet together.If any one needs help to plan a wedding,they can use the wedding app and get the whole resources of the wedding.

Ivory looks great with light pink with some green accents. 

I second the chocolate with ivory/mauve combo. That sounds old fashioned and soft and beautiful!

How about pink and white or yellow, it will be nice.


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