Hello fellow Bridal Tweet-ers...I am a wedding planner just want to ask your opinion about this. Do you consider a WAIVER to be sign by your brides/client and the purpose is that, in case the vendor whom the clients chooses or hired by themselves and have sealed contract, didn't show up or didn't give their good service on the day of their wedding and, that I as a planner is not liable in the matter and all my best was done and properly coordinated days before the wedding. I am torn with this issue. Though I know I can’t please everybody especially if a vendor has a particular consideration with the other vendor/planner whom they are affiliated.

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I personally do have a waiver. It basically says that I am not liable for what other vendors do even if I recommend them! I believe that this is really important to have!

Thank you for responding =)

I don't have any waiver with clients for vendors they hire on their own; Couples understand they are responsible for their own individual choices

Thanks =)

I do NOT have a waiver for sitiations like this.  I have a section in my contract that falls under LIABILITY and it states that my company can not & will not be held responsible for vendors that are hired outside of my preferred vendors list & especially if they were hired well in advance prior to my company coming on board to assist with the planning of their event.  If the client signs the contract that means they understood that section clearly.





Same here.  I also do not have a waiver.  Everything is stipulated in my contract.  Even things that should be understood aren't always.  Put it all in your contract and don't worry after it's signed:)


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