Our wedding is a Friday night in the summer and our cocktail hour is going to be outside at our venue, poolside. We're having trouble getting our original idea for cocktail hour music to pull through since it's a policy at this venue that nothing can be plugged in outside....making it tough for us to get a keyboard, or even a guitar amp or stereo outside. Is cocktail hour music really necessary? I know the weddings I've been too have all had it but I honestly never pay attention to it because I'm always talking to people and eating some food. I'm not sure what to do and was wondering if it even mattered if there was music or not. Let me know what your opinions are...thanks!

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Hiring a jazz band, solo violinist, or brass quartet can provide lovely background ambience without any electronics needed. A singer will have access to a battery powered microphone too. This approach creates a classy atmosphere for your occasion.

The best part about this style of background music is that your guests can hear each other talk! If you want your guests to mingle during cocktail hour, perhaps ambient music is the way to go. Then have the band play inside for partying into the night.

Chat with your venue about positioning speakers in the windows, you could always have a DJ play at a large open window and direct the speakers towards your cocktail area. As a bonus this 'out of the way' position leaves your beautifully styled cocktail party clean of cords and equipment!

Good luck!


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