I am currently planning a destination wedding. I I send my contract to the bride to be signed and returned. After several mails to her she refuses to sign unless the contract of the reception venue is not ok. Subsequently I am putting the booking of vendors and anything else on hold untill she signs my contract. she didn't like it. I explained to her that this is not possible.
What are your thoughts?

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I'm a little confused about why she won't sign it?

Could you clarify the reason why she won't sign the contract.

I'd let her know firmly but politely that no contract with you = no services from you.

Regarding your reply Jessica: she doesn't want to sign my contract because there are some details in the contract of the receptionvenue(a hotel) that she wants cleared out first. Untill then she won't sign. And I already told her that without a contract there are no services from me.
I would tell her that you can't hold her date unless the contract is signed. If another couple comes around who wants to book you on the same date and they are willing to sign the contract, I would go with the second bride. It sounds like bride #1 will be a little difficult to work with anyway. If you feel more comfortable tell bride #1 about bride #2 and if bride #1 still does not sign, then you know that it was not meant to be!
So you did all this work without a contract? Is that from what I am reading? Did you get a payment down? 
I contacted the vendors and venue for her. Of course I asked for a retainer which I still have not received allthough she said she has done the payment.

What are the issues concerning the reception venue? Is it something that the hotel is going to comply or stand their ground?

How well do you know the event staff at the hotel? are you sure the bride/hotel are not trying to cut you out?


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