As a coordinator, I obviously have a contract for my clients when they decide to hire my services for their wedding day.  In my contract, (which has been reviewed by a lawyer) it states that I reserve the right to cancel at any time and in turn I will refund all monies paid to me to that date.  This is in there to cover my butt in case something were to happen to me, but it got me thinking when a bride contacted me regarding the clause, which states exactly:

I reserve the right to cancel this agreement at any time prior to the wedding/event date, and will make a full refund of your deposit.


She said it wasn't fair to her that I could cancel at any time and she'd be "up the creek" without a coordinator for her wedding day.  I completely hear where she is coming from, but I still have to protect myself somehow.  

Any advice?

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I think the most important question is, why did you put that clause into your contract in the first place?


She's asking a simple question, and you can answer honestly.  Did a bridezilla force you to cancel on her wedding in the past?  Was a bride being completely unreasonable and expecting too much of you?  I'm sure if you elaborate on your reasoning for the clause, she will understand.



Jen - 


I was advised to put it in in the event that I could NOT complete the services as promised, whether it be because the bride was being impossible or a circumstance out of my control (disability, death, etc).


I did answer honestly and she still asked me to take it out.  Not saying she's right or wrong, I'm just looking for other opinions and if anyone else has this in their contract.  


And no, I've never had to cancel on any of my amazing brides.  For any reason.

Have you had feedback from past clients regarding the clause? 



No, this is the first time there's ever been a hesitation.

I tend to be a little more specific, while i do have a clause to cover my back i do not belive for "any reason" is right. I say that in the event of serious illness, injury or act of god i reserve the right to cancel the wedding (in more words but that is the main of it). So rather than take it out why not agree to amend it so it still covers you for unforeseen events but does not make the bride feel your going to cancel because you fancy a holiday or you have a better offer.



Those were exactly her concerns.  I added basically just that: in the case of disability, death, etc outside of my control.  And also added that I would exhaust all efforts to find a replacement planner in the case that it might happen.
I think that is pretty fair then. You have to cover your back should the worst happen but also make the bride feel at ease. Some people will always pick holes in your contract but terms are there for a reason and you cant just go taking things out. Its more about wording them so they feel good..... even if it means the same thing.


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