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I'm in the process of creating an internship package for my company that specializes in stationery design and event planning.  I'm trying to ensure that the package also allows the intern to get something out of it as well.  I'm finding that I really need assistance with the social media aspect of this industry and I think that would be good for an intern to get their feet wet and really keep a pulse on what's new and lots of research.  

Has anyone also hired an intern?  If so, would you mind sharing some other things that you can offer the intern that is both value add to them and you.  :)

thanks much! 

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Hi Ebony - Here is a blog post that I wrote about regarding leveraging Interns for your wedding business. I hope it at least answers some of your questions.
Hey Ebony,

I was actually an intern (in Marketing & Promotions for a music venue) last summer, so I have a perspective from that angle. My internship was rewarding because I got to spearhead some things on my own. My supervisor let me handle an entire promotional campaign with just a little guidance from her. I would recommend letting the intern cover an entire event or maybe just a certain portion of the event on her own.

Also, I greatly helped my supervisor, because she had me do some of her daily/weekly duties. This benefited her because it lessened her workload, but it also helped me because it gave me real world experience that was beneficial for job interviews and filling out applications.

Hope this helps!!

We are thinking aboout hiring an intern as well to help with marketing especially social media. What is your take on compensation for interns in the wedding industry?
I don't have a lot of experience with interns in the wedding industry; however, for interns in general, I found in my search for an internship that most were unpaid. Also, a majority of internships require college credit. The ones that weren't unpaid were around minimum wage. It is tough though to work for no pay, which is what I did. The reason I accepted it was because I knew it would be a great experience/resume builder because of who it was with (The Grand Ole Opry).


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