I just started my Cutest Couple Contest.. very excited, it is going really well.  A couple of these couples are engaged..  I am offering a very nice package for the winners.  Anyone else want to join in an offer my couples if they should win a Gift Card, Gift Certificate, Accessories, photo shoot discount.. etc, I would gladly share this on my FB..  I know whatever you offer would be fun.. and in turn maybe you can share this fun contest with me.  Please visit me, www.facebook.com/aKissofPassion Thanks, Karen

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That's a great idea!

It's really fantastic idea. But question is i didn't find anything on that page when visited that link.

Thanks for checking Brian.. you might want to like the page.. No worries, the contest is doing AMAZING!!  I am loving the responses, and the new customers the contest has generated.

I don't see anything either?

AH.. I am so sorry, you might want to like the page, maybe this will help.  No worries, the contest is doing amazing... we have 8 beautiful couples.. my likes have increased about 30% and the inquiries are AWESOME!!  

That's wonderful! Congrats to you and the couples!

So who won?

Yes! Share!


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