I am looking for Wedding Planners or Vendors that can give brides a David Tutera wedding touch but on a budget...Send me an email or leave a comment on this discussion board


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Wow!! Who doesn't want to be the next David Tutera, My Fair Wedding, is the hottest show on WETV on Sunday Nights, What is the budget? What is the Interpretation you are trying to convey for your theme or designs. Would love to help you!!

Send me a email,and let me know where your at, perhaps I can help

Best Regards
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By Mickey Long
The questions are what is the budget and how much of David do you want. What is the concept?
My question to you is first and foremost what is your top budget? Then i have to ask what is your vision exactly? I would love to talk with you to see what your ideas are, colors, style, etc, then i could get more of an idea on how exactly i could help you. I have many vendors who could help us come up with products and i offer products wholesale so that does help with price, something my competitors don't offer, I also work with brides with all different budgets and packages. Please feel free to give me a call so we can talk and see if i can help you make your day a reality. Take care and speak to you soon. Aimee Gillum owner Gillum Event Planners http://gillumeventplanners1.vpweb.com/default.html
What is your budget?


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