Hello, my husband and I shoot weddings and portraits using natural light, and I feel as if our name doesn't represent who we are? The name of the business is Natural Images Photography located in Springfield Missouri. 

We started the business in 2008 shooting weddings, then fell in love shooting portraits outside. I am not sure if it is too late to change the business name or not? 

I also feel as if the business name doesn't match the feel of our pictures, if that makes any sense? 

If you would be so kind to comment and let me know what you think and give me ideas of new business names?

I want a name that represents who we are, something spunky, fun and unique! 


Elisa Mitchell

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Thanks so much for your insight : ) Yes, I really see what you mean when you compare "spunky" and "natural light".
We havent really invested too much into the current business name besides $90.00 worth of flyers from a pryer show and 5 boxes of business cards. Now, Referals are not a huge part of our business, but I was thinking that if we did change the name of the business, I may send out emails and/or postcards to all of my past clients with information of the name change.
I agree with Glen you need to consider how much time you have already invested in your company name already. Best way to come up with ideas for a new company name would be to use thesaurus, dictionary, and language translator.
I get what you mean, trying to find a more unique and fun name. I thought about what natural light is and came up with fresh photography or pure photography. Then I popped on your blog and saw a post title called Kissed by the Sun. I think that perfectly describes natural light photography and is definitely unique and fun! Plus, it goes perfectly for wedding photography! Anyway, just some thoughts! Good luck!
"Kissed by the Sun" would be great! It makes perfect since. Only issue with that is that we may, in the future, want a studio, where we would use studio lighting instead of natural light? Im sure there would be ways to work around that though : )

Thanks so much!
All - I just read this discussion thread and smiled. Thanks for helping each other. Now THIS is why I built this community. I appreciate all of your contributions to our wedding forum :) - Christine Dyer


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