I've been looking at ideas for my gown since I got engaged a month ago (yes I'm fast but I have always wanted to try on a wedding dress ever since I was a little girl!) I've had a look in the usual magazines, Brides, Cosmo Bride etc and also online. Just wondered what brides' views are on designer vs bargain?? Is a designer gown really worth the expense or is it worth getting a gown much cheaper? Is it worth buying online?

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You can have both if you are interested in this gown. It's really beautiful - designer (Sposa by St. Pucchi) and bargain combined ($399 buy it now option or place a bid on ebay). You can view through the attached link or by going directly to eBay and searching for Sposa by St. Pucchi.

Ebay Link:

I say save the money so you can splurge on something else like upgraded catering or a great Band instead of a DJ. My wedding dress was not cheap, but not the most expensive. It still came apart during my first dance.

Short story: I was MOH for a well-to-do friend of mine a while back. She had always dreamed of having a Vera Wang. She got one. To the tune of $6000 (back in 2002). By the time we got to the reception the sash part of the dress had come apart and would no longer attach to the dress. It was a wreck. I'm not saying that VW is not a quality product, but it's a dress. A dress for one day. Unless you're swimming in cash. I think apparel is a great place to reign in a budget.

You will look beautiful no matter what, it's your wedding day! Why not put the cash towards having an awesome party that will leave you and your friends and family with a lifetime of great memories. The dress will probably end up preserved in one of those dress coffin boxes anyway. I've been performing at weddings for almost 19 years. I've seen every kind of dress from the David's Bridal $99 sale right on up to custom made hand stitched couture. Every bride rocked every one of those dresses.

I don't know what style do you like and what color?Maybe just give u some advieces

Do you like http://www.plumdresses.com/ball-gown-sweep-train-white-organza-wedd...

You can have it both ways you know. Check out a local fashion design school, find their best students and ask them to create a masterpiece for you. If you give them permission to use your dress in their portfolio, it will be master-crafted (as it will be marked on) and you will get a great price also.


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