Thought I would pass on a tip about dessert bars.  Plan a lot more time for them at a reception as compared to the standard wedding cake being served.  Consider a double-sided set up. Don't be surprised that everything will be gone and everyone will be happy!

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I am getting married in August and we are having a dessert buffet at our reception, I had seen this idea in America and thought it was too nice to turn down!! I have attached a photo of the type of idea, lots of lovely treats!!ok chocolate fountains like a dessert but only chocolate/fruit/fudge etc. desserts have to be baked, contain dairy items, etc alot of hotel you will find dont allow this for H&S and traceability of food.If any one needs help to plan a wedding,you may use the wedding planner iPhone app and get gain from it.
nice suggestion~

Dessert bars
are fantastic! And yes, PLEASE set them up as a two sided bar. They are fun and

The candy bars
are also very cute. Especially when - say, the wedding colors are blue, serve
100% blue candies of all shapes and sizes.



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