Would like to get all your opinions on destination weddings.  Do you think the bride and groom should pay for their guests to attend a destination wedding?

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in  my opinion,  the bride and from need pay for their guests ~
No I don't think the bride and groom should pay for their guests to attend a destination wedding;
I'm not sure about the document requirements for the Dominican.  I recommend contacting one of the resorts that you're interested in and asking what they need.  E-mail is the easiest way.  The resort wedding co-ordinators will tell you the requirements.We had considered having a civil ceremony here first, but the process in Cuba was not complicated.  So, I'm very happy that we were actually married at the resort on the beach.Using the certificate.If anyone needs help in wedding resources,they can use the wedding planner iPad app and get gain from it.

No! They don't need to pay for their guests.

Wait a minute... 50 flights to France... or 65 (why not)... we will stay at home, Darling... :-)

I don't think the bride and groom should pay for the trip and hotel for a destination wedding, but what they should do is let their guests know  with plenty of time in order for them to know and safe for the trip.  Also for destination weddings it is common that the hotel will give a special price / rate  for a large group. This  in some way helps with the expenses.
It is not customary  and not required for the bride and groom to pay for the wedding guests. However, I do have some brides that will pay a portion of the travel expenses for the wedding party or possibly the whole land portion of the trip just requiring the wedding party to pay for air. If you do not make the guests have a little investment into the trip it is too easy for them to cancel and it is your money that is lost .  With the guests paying their own way , which most make it a vacation for themselves, it is the brides and grooms responsibility to host events to welcome the guests , ex. cocktail party, get together, catamaran sunset cruise , give out welcome goodie bags.
personally, yes, they need to pay for the guests


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