Smart brides, just like you, are raving about our group planning classes. It's an amazing series of class sessions that walk you through how to plan your wedding, you get to have a professional wedding planner & you share the costs of the planner with other brides.  In addition the other brides usually have questions you hadn't thought of and you get the answers to their questions too so you don't get stuck in the same places.


I just loved being able to assist Ashley, one of our latest brides to attend last years fall session in a test group.  Following is what she said about classes at the end of the 3rd class in the session. "OMG, I had no idea that there was so much that I needed to know about planning my wedding and didn't have a clue about.  I knew I needed help and have been following you on Facebook forever. What I loved the most is that in 12 hours and over the course of several weeks, you had broke it down into easy to swallow sections to keep it from being overwhelming.  Being able to do the work on my own, but being able to ask questions and get the guidance when and where I needed it was truly priceless."

Ashley was fun and totally fabulous to work with. I can't wait to see pic's from her late spring wedding. The coral and ivory color combo with crystals is going to pop in the Littleton rose garden she's chosen for her wedding.


What things are covered in wedding 101 group planning classes?


Your Vision for your wedding Day

Vision for the wedding day of your finance

How to blend the visions for a fabulous wedding day that truly reflects the two of you

Duties of you as the couple

Duties of the parents of the couple

Where are you in the planning process?

Wedding planner; location planner vrs a planner you hire

Where are you stuck; answers

You and Your finances personality & how to reflect it throughout the wedding

Guest comforts – Keeping the celebration going

What do you need to know about location selection

Hidden costs – where & why

Vendor selection

Actually meet the 10 most needed vendors for your wedding, get the details that you need to know & get your questions answered

The top 10 things couples fight over & how to avoid them

Wedding Hijacking

Budget planning

Etiquette for the couple

Etiquette for the guests

Pre-wedding festivities

Traditionally who pays for what

Job duties of your wedding party

Timeline building

Enjoy your wedding day


You'll want to pre-register to get added bonus such as floral design class and deep discounts on wholesale flowers.


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