Do any one know a website or a store I can go to get a custom made what I want it to say short sleeve hoodie.

I want to get a short sleeve hoodie custom made the way I want it/ what I want it to say. And I want the hoodie to zip up and the size to be 16. And at a low price.

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The cheapest I saw was $54 with it personalized.  I found one for $13 but it was a juniors and didn't come personalized.  Call around to local cleaners.  A lot of them have embroidery services. Good luck!  I'll continue to keep my eyes open for you.
Look in your phone book for a dressmaker and get some estimates.  I guarantee you are not going to get a cheap hoodie the way you want it at a cheap low price custom made unless you do it yourself.  Fabric and customization, labor and material comes at a price.  I wouldn't trust anyone online unless you havw worked with them before and this is what they do for a living.
Watch for to be launched very soon - the site will feature a range of personalized gifts and accessories for weddings. Hoodies included...not sure about short sleeves, but you can certainly add any image of your choice - even one with your chosen text and picture on it and have it printed on the hoodie. They will have tshirts, photo jewelry and other bridesmaids favors and wedding gifts too.
ok , i am gald i can help you lady i know a site called selling more inexpensive and attractive wedding dress

Well, I haven't seen anywhere with short sleeve hoodies. But, if you change your mind and want something long-sleeve or a short sleeve t-shirt, I had a great experience with  I ordered a whole load of t-shirts from them for favors. You can completely customize them yourself or with their help. I bought a stock photo graphic I wanted to use, uploaded it, and then added text and some other clipart they had. Then I spoke to someone there to get them to help adjust the design a bit and advise me on the color of the t-shirt (she said the one I picked wouldn't look good). Anyway, no matter who you use I recommend getting a sample of the actual hoodie or t-shirt before you order or do any imprints. The sizing is totally unreliable on these things. 


Good luck!

Check out for various bridal shower, bachelorette party and wedding party gifts and favors - all personalized with your photos! You'll find custom t-shirts, personalized hoodies, photo charm jewelry, key chains, photo mugs and lots of other cool ideas. You can also personalize your wedding invitations, engagement announcements, save the date magnets etc using photos.

I can do anything you want to. You can trast me. You must tell me with details what you exactly want, I'll send you back the skech to say the ok, I'll do it and I'll send it to you. It' s simple. You can see my photos . Have fun and a wonderful weekend.

hi we are make all gowns what do you like ! send us the picture and your size  , we cane do this for you , you like flowers on your gown ,,no problem,, you like moore sissi style !? no problem ,you like red wedding gown ,,no problem,, what ever you like we cane do this for you.... greads from

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My response to this post is a little late; however, perhaps we can help a future bride.

Embroidery Fashions Boutique has onsite custom embroidery services.  Every item is embroidered by us.  You can visit our online store to view the bridal t shirts, hats, and hoodies.  For special orders contact us  and we will be happy to work with you.


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