I have heard this question so many times and all too often we don't get the opportunity to answer. A wedding planner is not just a luxury that you see on TV shows and in the movies. A Wedding Planner, Coordinator or Designer is someone who is an integral part of the planning process.


Most couples have not planned a wedding before or funded an event nearly as improtant or costly as a wedding. Your wedding day is supposed to be the most amazing and memorable event you experience in your entire life. Do you really think you should try to handle all of those details without the assistance of a professional? 


By enlisting the assistance of a wedding professional you ensure that all of the important details and small accents that will make your wedding day unique and reflect your individual style will be handled for you. Not only will a planner assist you with design and decor ideas, budgeting, timelines and ettiquette, they will also assist you in finding reliable and professional vendors that will ensure your wedding is special and personal.


I have spoken to many couples that did not hire a professional to assist them after their weddings, most of them wished they could go back in time and hire someone. As a bride and groom you are not only the center of attention for the day, you are also the client that all of your vendors are trying to satificy. All too often you will see the happy couple taking time away from their reception to discuss details with the catering staff, the DJ or band, the photographer and so on. Why not discuss all of these details with your planner so they can be the point of contact for all of the vendors and you can just be the Bride and Groom?


There are also so many little things that can be forgotten that day, maybe a ring bearer pillow, black socks for the groomsmen or double sided tape. I am pretty sure you don't want to drag a huge "Emergency Kit" into the limo to take with you. A professional planner is going to have all of those items that you may not even know that you would need. If they don't have what you need they can most likely get it without you having a care in the world.


After all of the planning, payments, and stress of the decisions through out the planning process, please take this ONE DAY and just enjoy yourselves! Rememeber that this day is about two people becoming one and deciding to share their lives together! Don't let all of the stress and money spent end up with you not enjoying your wedding and dealing with all of the small details that can be taken care of by a professional. I ensure you if you hire a reputable company to assist you that you will have a more enjoyable experience and be able to dance the night away!



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You are so right in saying that brides wish they would have hired a Wedding Planner after the fact. I hear it all the time. Great post!
Thank you for posting this! I can't tell you how many brides realize after their wedding that a planner would have made their day a lot more enjoyable.  Please get the word out to all brides to be!
I completely agree with you. Here in Italy there are so many couples who still don't trust the work of the wedding planner... even thought the major of them have so much stress at the wedding day... because they have to care about everything and forget to care about themselves... and have fun!
Thank you for this post, there are so mnay times that I hear people say I wish I had hired a planner for many different reasons. I think brides don't understand that having family handel the affiers the day of usually turns into disater. Besides the family wats to enjoy the event just a much as the couple. We as coordinators are there to help ease the coule thriught the day a semlessly as possible. Again than you for the post

I agree with all of you. As a wedding planner they don’t realized how important and knowledgeable we are to the bride and groom. They often want us to referred them to a wedding vendor and get them the right prices that suite them.  Some brides & Groom feel that paying for experience and expertise should be at no cost. What they don’t realized is that with the fee we get is the price of a planner and us professional coordinating there wedding will allowed them to be the bride and the groom and the hostess catering to there guest and somehow they did not attend there own Wedding day. After the fact when they do realized that, the one's in a lifetime moment has now become A; I wish of would of hired a planner and now my wedding day is gone, and I did not enjoyed it.

You are exactly right! And it's said to hear the stories of brides and grooms who didn't get to enjoy their own wedding. Because they're doing this and trying to take care of that. When in reality if they would've hired a planner all they would've had to do is relax and have FUN!
I am on board with this too! I wish I had read this post before my wedding so that it wouldn't have been one of my regrets!
I agree with y'all. As a male event planner I try to get the groom involved on everything. And grooms have great opinions too. I've talked to many grooms who wish their brides would have hired a planner. One groom said his wife gave him the blues during the wedding planning process. Because she couldn't make up her mind about anything. So again I agree hire a wedding planner.

Very good point. There is nothing more awkward or sad than to see the bride or groom searching for their checkbook to pay a few vendors. (or even the mom or dad of the bride. Side note, especially when they are drunk... this has happened to me, no joke, maybe to all of you too??) Leaving all this responsibility, the coordinating of vendors, schedules, all the details, to someone who actually enjoys it seems a no brainer.




It depends upon you.If you can,then you can plan your own wedding or you will feel difficult,then you go for wedding planner.For plan your own wedding,you can get help from wedding app software or get the information of  wedding planning from the online and get suggestion from your well wisher.GOOD LUCK! for your wedding planning.
Recently I posted on my facebook this question "if money was no object what is the one thing you would have had at your wedding".  Funny, some of the comments were hiring a wedding planner.  Guess that says it all.  Nice article.


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