In perusing some bridal show opportunities, I notice that not many, or maybe just the same handful, register for bridal shows exhibitions. Is it customary for a stationery vendor to host a booth at a bridal show? Why or why not?

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Hi there. I regulary exhibit in UK show's and normally see the same faces of competitors at these shows... I don't know if it's the same there as it is here, but the profit margins of stationers don't tend to be as high as that of Photographers and Bridal gown suppliers etc... and therefore the cost to exhibit is simply too high for some stationery vendors.
I dare say that any show you choose to exhit at you will find they are able to accomodate you... but photographers, florists and cake makers (being the 3 highest exhibitors) find it a problem getting into a show they have not exhibited at before and often end up on a registration list.
Thanks for the insight into the UK market, I think it is safe to assume that we are experiencing that here too. I started looking into the pricing, and of course I have eyes of "grandeur" - I know I'm going to be rich! So I'm thinking I'm going to be one of those vendors too - but I was surprised at my research, showing more vendors out here than who presents at these shows.
I find that the shows are the best form of advertising though, advertising in a magazine here is roughlly the same price... I'm far more likely to win clients when they can physically see my work and I have the opportunity to form a relationship with them in person.
Good luck
Agreed with the above posters. Booths are often expensive (sometimes over $1000) and most likely you won't be making any sales at the event itself, just passing out business cards and displaying samples.
Thanks for the reply. That paints a nice picture of what the stationery vendors typical role is at a show.
As a stationery vendor, I've done a couple of wedding shows. Typically you won't get sales at these shows - but will receive plenty of leads. You will need to weigh the cost of exhibiting vs. what your actual show goal is.
Check the bridal shows past - how many brides actually attended, what type of crowd? Those things will play a major part. I provide custom stationery and participate in local shows throughout the year. If the show has a lot of traffic, I usually secure at least 5 weddings which is worth my participation. Even brides that have already gotten their invitations contact me for other wedding stationery.
So, yes - I definitely think it is worthwhile, but choose wisely.
anyone still doing these, and how are the results these days? I am about to sign for one in February, i just hope I am not wasting my money. I always attend the shows, but not as a vendor. I go to network with photographers and venues, pay my $10 or $20 bucks to get in and set up some meetings to show my work. There are always planners/venues looking for new connections. Networking is by far the best way to get leads in this biz IMHO.

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