I am wondering if wedding vendors pay for advertising to popular outlets like google adsense, and if so, if you feel that your return on investment is fair or not for what you are paying.

Or if you use some sort of directory or listing that you feel has return the more for your buck.

I am curious as to advertising opportunities that seem to be everywhere , but do they really work?

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Thanks for your reply
facebook works! I don't kow why I was hesitant to create a business page (in addition to my personal page) but in the 3 weeks that I have since created it, I have already spent $300 in linking my ads and people paying per click for the targeted audience I selected (city, state, age range, relationship status, female) but booked 5 appointments that gave me 500% ROI so far. I wish I had done it years ago! I have total strangers 'liking' my page and it shows up on their wall feed so their friends see that they liked me and bring more business opportunities to me. It's awesome. I posted a special for 'facebook fans only' and wouldn't have been able to reach new customers this way before. I say make a facebook page, set your lifetime budget at $100 and see how much interest it gathers before raising it. Also the nice part is they bill you like every few days adding up to your budget so it's a little bit here and there based on how many clicks you get. Good luck.



Those are great tips. I've heard many great things about FB ads as they seem to be super targeted if you place the right parameters.


I'll give it a shot, as everyone that I talked to seems to be quite happy with the results there.

Thanks for the tips!

I just wanted to mention that I also advertise on google, bing, numerous wedding sites, bridal magazines (online) and a print ad in a wedding vendor book for the last 8 years (been in business 10) and can honestly say I haven't seen as much reaction to my attempts to gain new business (and a quick ROI) as I have with facebook. I love how you can target the audience you want and see the progress daily of how many people you reached, looked, 'liked' it, clicked through to your site, etc.. Luckily my presence online for so many years gets me more organic clicks (than paid) so I was able to lower my google budget and increase it on facebook. Totally totally worth it. Good luck.

Christina, I've used Facebook for ads, as well.  I find it to be a very helpful tool. 


The best advertisement I ever had was on Here Comes the Guide.  However, Yelp is a close second and it's free.  I really took the time to develop my Yelp page and it's brought me very good business.  Whichever method you choose, good luck. 


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