Help! I'm torn. I'm creating a brochure for my business and I wonder if it's better to list my service fee's in the brochure and on my website or leave it for consultation. What does everyone think?



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We do not put our fees on the website due to every event is never the same. We like to sit down with our client and find out what services they need then we give prices best on the client needs.
No, I prefer to chat with perspective bride or groom. That way I can get a feel for them and possibly negotiate price or even decide if we're a match.
I've been debating about this too. I personally won't even continue looking at a product or service I'm interested in if their prices are not listed. However, specialty services are not something I have ever looked into for myself. I have decided (for now at least) not to list prices for my wedding photography, since it's such a special service and I tend to want to customize packages. I have listed prices for my other portrait services though.
I had to post my minimums but not pricing per se. Too many hours wasted in Consultations with potential clients who were way way off from understanding what a Custom gown has to cost and why. This is best for us and the Bride ultimately.
As a wedding minister I find that posting my base fees on the website saves a lot of time for the client and myself, as it helps sort out those that just want something cheap. I do offer a lot of options and just let them know that travel beyond my basic range will be extra. My fees are in the mid range for this area. Seems to work well for me.
I was reading everyone's comment regarding posting fees, and it seems that the answers vary depending on what type of wedding vendor you are. I would like to thank you Deanna for starting this discussion because I learned something new which in turn will help my clients.

It's best to list a range and ask them to inquire for a free consultation.


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I have always listed my fee's to make it easier for the couple. I know for myself, I hate playing games and if your fee isnt' listed...I assume you are way out of the I won't even call. Along with the cost though...I publish what you get for your money. That helps I am sure!
I quote 2 lead in rates on my website.  One offsite and one onsite.  I qualify the offsite fee with the word "local."  I qualify the onsite fee with the word "Simple."  I hope this helps.
I've taken many classes from Natalie Bradley where she says not to list prices.  If your website has all of the things that she suggests, you won't have to put down prices.  You will be getting calls from clients who want you for how they feel you can serve them.  It eliminates all of the price shoppers and tire kickers.  If you've heard her mention the "Sizzle and then the Steak" this is instrumental in getting clients.  If at all possible I would recommend taking more of her classes.  I don't know if I'm allowed to put my link to her programs in this forum so I would just recommend going to
I publish all fees on my website to give potential clients all the info they need, but I do not print prices on my brochures. It cost money to print and in the event I change my prices I still want my brochures useful (and current). Besides, not printing it on your brochure will direct them to your site to get more info.  If you feel the need to print prices on brochures than at least add a disclaimer that states "prices are subject to change and current prices are on the website" (or something like that) so they know.
I've tried it both ways and have found that when my pricing is posted, couples are a lot more responsive and it takes all the guess work out of it for everyone.  They know what to expect and I know they are aware of my pricing, so it  makes meetings go a lot smoother.  Plus, as Connie said, I'm not fielding a bunch of phone calls from people just 'price shopping'.


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