Help! I'm torn. I'm creating a brochure for my business and I wonder if it's better to list my service fee's in the brochure and on my website or leave it for consultation. What does everyone think?



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I personally do not post my prices, I feel like doing that can always make a bride shy away from using my business. I always find it better to have them call and then I try to work with each and every couple individually because, let's face it, every couple and wedding is different and has different needs! Hope this helps :) 'like' us on facebook! 

I've tried it both ways but do have a disclaimer that prices are subject to change without notice and we will honor what is in your contract.     I don't worry about competitors' there is enough business out there, just not enough professionals to take care of it and the quality of service is reflected in our reviews.       I have found that we receive less e-mail inquiries overall, but more qualified leads.

I have never posted my wedding entertainment fees on my web site and do not ever plan to. Price shoppers are not my clientele. I offer high end wedding entertainment services. I offer silver, gold and the platinum package.  This was a great question! I continue to realize I can't be everything to everyone! We have to be the right fit for each other. I have decided not to chase after the runaway bride who is only interested in price.

I do publish my prices. I want my potential customers to know if my services are right for them or not. The fact that you offer quality work shouldn't mean that you keep how much it costs a secret. To me anyways.

Also, adjusting the price for different situations seems unfair to me. Of course, I can understand a bride who is doing a last minute wedding or has a special circumstance like a fiancee going off into the military, but if we give everyone a special price, then there is no consistency and the word of mouth advertising would not be on our side when one bride finds out from another bride (who had the same style and size wedding that she did) that you charged her more for your services just because she "looked like she could afford it".

I do offer the Gold, Silver and Platinum packages, just because it makes it easier for a bride to find where her range is and to see how much more something one step up is. Offering these packages also, to me, makes it easier to up-sell. I create custom invitations and when I tell a bride she can add on a customized program or escort card for only $.50 more per suite, that's an easy way to make a little extra money.

Ultimately, I think it will be what is best for your business. I sell mostly through Etsy so my prices have to be listed. But I really think that this helps me to place my services into a competitive market because then the customers are comparing mine and a competitors products, not the price.

For me I publish my fees to be able to know the interested party. Pls visit this site for their promo this month

I think it is easier for brides to know a basic idea of the price from any planner or vendor to start working with it. Publishing a basic fee is a great idea that will save the planner as well as the brides from wasting a lot of time - when the price point is not suitable.

I prefer to leave it for the consultation. They won't know your value until they meet you and know what your business is all about.

No. My website has no pricing. I have been wondering about this question myself.

It is well known that 30 wedding/year it is a good goal for one photographer, cameraman, or other single vendor. 

It is also well known that only 10% of people asking you about your services will sign a contract with you. 

If you do not put your starting price, you will need to meet more than 300 new couple to convince about your value.

The starting price will save your time, you will meet with 60 new couple, and you will get more than 30 jobs/year.

It is not a shame to put your price in your site:

- it is professional;

- it is fair;

- you will start every discussions from a high level of understanding each/other.

Be in a good light and you will get exactly you are desire!

Your points are great, but I especially like your third point: 

you will start every discussions from a high level of understanding each/other.

An honest start is the best start for any relationship. There is nothing unfair about that.

I just wanted to say what an exceptional image this is! Great shot!

Yes, I do publish my fees but indicate transportation costs are added after ten miles and depend on the location of the wedding.


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