Do you think it is important to have a trusted wedding planner at the venue or location of the destination wedding?

Do you think the attitude of brides who have destination weddings are more adventurous and want to do it themselves or would rather leave it in the hands of a wedding planner?

How do brides find wedding planners at the location?

We are a wedding planner who is trying to extend internationally and popularize Piedmont in Italy as a destination location. It is beautiful! Forget Tuscany! Do you think brides would consider a less popular destination even if it's just as beautfiul and more unique?

Thanks for the advice!

Anna Savino

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I think in this economy more and more brides think they know everything they need to plan a destination wedding without any help. Whatever mistakes they do make brides are prepared for the consequences. Speaking as someone who specilizes in destination weddings many brides believe the onsite coordinator is all they need, and find out the hard way how wrong they are but it's clearly to late by then.

There are just as many couples who want to do what everyone else is doing as there are couples who want something different.

Your best bet if you want couples to come to you for their destination Italian wedding is to partner with different wedding planning companies in the US to cover the time difference and response time to couples. The one thing that has not changed in this economy is couples willing to wait a long period of time for a response to their questions.
Wow..thanks for your feedback.. I am trying to get in touch with US wedding planning companies just for this reason and I thank you very much!

If you ever hear of anyone looking for a very romantic setting in Italy for a wedding...keep us in mind:)
Thanks again!

I don't think it's a given that couples will choose Tuscany over any other part of Italy. My thinking is that you'd want to provide information about how " easy " it is to get to Piedmont, by explaining how they get there, what the cost is relative to what else is in the market place, and most of all how you can make their wedding dreams come true. And, I agree with Caren, the quicker the response to inquiries the better your chances of getting the business.

Best of luck, Tom C
agreed Tom and thanks for your feedback! we try our best but you are right that making it seem EASY is a key element.. in fact we are offering ALL INCLUSIVE meaning hairdresser, make up..etc.
Aha, that's a great idea " ALL INCLUSIVE " you may be onto something big:-)
I think most brides that have destination weddings would consider and find a wedding planner very helpful. Unless the destination wedding is in place because of strict budget issues, a destination bride usually wants a wedding planner in the place she plans to have her wedding. As for less popular destinations, unfortunately, people love to go with what they know. Marketing the site might be a little tough in the beginning, but if you do a few successful weddings, there will definitely be buzz!
Good luck!

i think that good wedding venues catalogue can do job of kinda planner :d if you have good knowledge on stuff and place, basing on for example catalogue like you can easly depend on it ;)


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