With the economy taking a nose dive the trend has been for a lot of brides to scale back on spending and mainly coordinate and plan their weddings themselves. Wedding Planners do charge a fee for their services but some brides don't see the benefits. Wedding Planners are a tremendous help in working out a budget, day of wedding coordination and helping brides realize their wedding day dreams. Any thoughts on this?

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I do find that being a wedding planner, I can go to vendors and see about getting a discount....some vendors may not offer a bride that but if you are working with someone on an ongoing basis, the vendor may be more inclined to give a discount to someone they work with on a regular basis...

For me, I can't see why a bride would want to have her day and then have to deal with any problems that arise....the day is meant to be stress free and to enjoy....planners take your headache and make it theirs....that is my opinion....
I agree there is the beginning of a trend in which brides are being told through certain media outlets that they can be a diy bride. In addition to that we as wedding planners need to keep educating the public the valuable services that we provide. I have met some brides who think that the venue will take care of everything. Not knocking the venues at all, but who is going to track down the flowers or the dj when they are a no show? A venue can only do so much and this were we step in.
For some brides, planning a wedding is somewhat of their idea of a nosedive into the wedding business as I've read many success stories of brides becoming entrepreneurs after planning their own wedding.

For me, as a planner, I wouldn't have my own personal event without the services of a professional planner, especially on the day, because although I would probably have input during the planning stages, I would most certainly want to ENJOY my event along with my guests. As a planner, I know the amount of legwork that goes on during the day of the event, so why would I want to work my own event -- it would certainly take the fun out of it. So absolutely, wedding planners are useful, not only in this particular example, but so many other ways -- I could write a book :)!

Society Weddings,

I chuckled as I read your comment because I'm in fact one of those brides who planned my wedding and loved the whole concept; and started an event planning business. Although, my sister-in-law coordinated. After my wedding I enrolled in QC Event & Wedding Planning and will be certified this month. Previous to my wedding, I coordinated several expos and loved every moment. It is definitely a passion of mines to serve others. I love what I do and believe that brides-to-be should invest in their wedding by hiring an event planner. It make a BIG difference.

Kindest Regards

I am also a wedding planner and I planned my own wedding but with the help of many of my family members. I don't think I could have taken on the job solo though. For some brides they are overwhelmed and stressed and have no idea where to begin. I currently have a bride who works two jobs and has two children. When we first met she was so overwhelmed and only had 7 months until the wedding and had not even booked a reception site. She tells me I'm a blessing. She feels so much more relaxed now and can enjoy the planning process. I think planners are important to have but if you are on a tight budget and have extra time and family to help you then you may be able to go without one. I do believe every bride should at least have a planner for the day of to run the show. 

I absolutely see the value of a planner, especially on the day of. Here's a twist to your question, though. Do planners see the value of having guidance from a mediator as a sounding board or as a partner to resolve issues?

It's interesting to me that planners have told me that they do dispute resolution for their clients but many don't have training or experience with the field. It's kinda like a bride saying 'yeah, I can do that', don't you think?

For planners who prefer to focus on the wedding and not deal with interpersonal drama or who wants to be more skillful, guidance from a wedding facilitator can be a godsend. Guess, it's an education issue, as you say.

Thanks for the great question and conversation, ladies



I absolutely agree interpersonal skills are imperative. I have a BSW degree and counseling clients is something I find myself doing. It's important to have conflict resolution skills because I know for a fact there are always challenges on the horizon. 

Great comment!

You don't need to have a degree to mediate. I work in a law firm as well as run my own business and at the end of the day that's completely what I have done all day long, mediate. It's all about your skills. It is important for a planner to be able to assist in resolving issues. There are so many that can arise in planning a wedding. Wedding planning is not something that can be done by a checklist. There are many variables. 

I am a wedding planner, and I encourage brides that even though we do charge for our services, we can offer them resources that will save them cost. We have the opportunity to work within their budget and have contacts in a lot of areas. Wedding planners can save brides time, money, and stress. Brides rely on our expertise to find them the best deals on everything from invitations to hotel accommodations for family to venue search to menu to deejay or bands, and much more. Hiring a wedding planner is definitely an area of the budget that brides can be assured a good investment.
For legit planners, I see real no effect on the business, in some cases it is the ones that have just planed there wedding who are now planners, and trying to rip off brides, or some that do the up charge, I take great pride as well as each & everyone on this board who are legit business, Who are honest, fair with there clients, So the few bad apples make it hard for the real ones.
Why would a bride to be add to her stress by trying to plan her wedding on her own?
Many feel that they cannot afford a consultant or want to save money by being a DIY bride.


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