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With the economy taking a nose dive the trend has been for a lot of brides to scale back on spending and mainly coordinate and plan their weddings themselves. Wedding Planners do charge a fee for their services but some brides don't see the benefits. Wedding Planners are a tremendous help in working out a budget, day of wedding coordination and helping brides realize their wedding day dreams. Any thoughts on this?

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i am getting to married.planning for wedding is bit of problem for,i need all wedding information from one resources .someone suggest me the good vendor for my wedding planner app ipad.thank you!
the opportunity to discuss their wedding plans with other brides and newlyweds. This creates an element of excitement in wedding planning and also gives you the opportunity to get hints and tips for creating your own beautiful wedding day.If don't know wedding planning idea ,you can know it from wedding planner app iPad and get,my suggestion is wedding planning is needed for wedding.

Yes,really wedding planner is more useful for future.iWedPlanner is a wedding planner app which is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod. It is a simple handy application which performs the major task of wedding planning and arrangement is a satisfactory manner. Those who plan the wedding with iWedPlanner app will feel more comfortable as all the activities can be planned within the iPhone app right from wedding dresses, cakes, photographers, invitations to seating arrangements, RSVP etc.

This iWedPlanner iPhone app is simple to use and reminders can be set up to notify the forthcoming events. The best part of this app is everything will be done at the right time and within the budget. The wedding app is loaded with huge resources covering all the major and minor cities of USA.
wedding app
The App looks great, but it doesn't really replace what an actual wedding planner will do for the bride the day of her wedding. planner are more useful when plan our wedding.We have to face many problems during plan our wedding for this purpose we have to launched new wedding planner named as iWedPlanner.It has more tasks like reminder,seating arrangement,do-list and much more.." just plan your wedding with “ iWedplanner” and have a happy wedding.

wedding planning is a very important for wedding.You need to plan before the three or four months. discuss between your well wisher or parents.fix your purchasing the wedding requirement.keep the all the thing before the deadline.If you are confusion,then search the wedding planner app iPad in online and get more information of wedding resources.BEST OF LUCK! for your successful wedding.


thanks for sharing your wedding planning ideas.

I don't need them, our wedding our own plan, and we will have many wedding about personal privacy things, we don't like to let people know!!!!! We will put our wedding planning perfectly


I can see how with all the trending on doing things yourself how this area could be considered "dispensable" -- But why not roll with the punch if possible? When I got married, I thought the same thing, I can do all "that" myself... but what about the day of? Just because I can organize my own vendors, order of events & decorations, doesn't mean I can make things run smoothly on the actual wedding day, afterall, I'll be busy & don't want to worry about that.  Plus, the actual day & the rehearsal are when you have to start dealing with organizing the people, that's when it seems most helpful (to me) to have a "stranger" give out instructions on who's to do what.  So if you are a wedding planner, why not consider offering/marketing a similar type of offer? In my case, I had a very organized friend who was already an event coordinator, be "me" on my wedding day, she was organized to the T, firm & polite, kept the mothers in check, people in tow, & kept the show running on time!  Maybe it worked because I was organized & so was she - But it's a thought: You as a wedding planner would still get business & the bride gets only as much service as she thinks she needs, & she'll still feel practical & realistic about the money she spent. 


Holly @

ya i agree, they are very useful with helping the brides with all function of their event.

Some brides don't see the benefits from hiring a wedding planner until they have actually spend those million hours searching, contacting vendors, spending money on calls and traveling for inspection sites. The search can be narrowed down, ergo brides can save up a lot of time and hassle, when a professional knows many vendors on each category and can select best options for them upon their budget and needs.  Plus they don't even immagine how many discounts we can give them as vendors give special prices to wedding planners. 

Wedding planners can also make miracles with budgets and getting free stuff and complimentary services upon negotiation with all vendors and venues. 

And most important of all, brides, grooms and their loved ones will only enjoy the wedding day and not miss it for solving evenutal problems and no shows of vendors.

I personally think a wedding planner is a true and a great asset to a wedding.

You may have the dream and the vision, but it is their experience that will turn that dream into a reality.

Me as a wedding planner, knowing the huge amount of work and stress that planning a wedding takes, I even hired myself a wedding planner for my own wedding! I wanted me, my family and my staff to have fun at my wedding so I hired a partner on wedding planning to care of it all! 

Well said!  I love that "ergo bride".  It really says it all.   When I googled it to see if there was such a term, I was disappointed that Bride Ergo is a type of seat for a racing car or some crazy thing.  I like your description of ergo bride much better!!


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