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With the economy taking a nose dive the trend has been for a lot of brides to scale back on spending and mainly coordinate and plan their weddings themselves. Wedding Planners do charge a fee for their services but some brides don't see the benefits. Wedding Planners are a tremendous help in working out a budget, day of wedding coordination and helping brides realize their wedding day dreams. Any thoughts on this?

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We have very few wedding planners in our area. (North Central WI.) The wedding planners at the hotels and banquet halls do a wonderful job helping to coordinate weddings. When I have performed in larger cities, I have run into more full time professional wedding planners who have been very helpful and great to work with.
That's really good to know. it's not just us (the wedding planners) trying to make ourselves seem indispensible!
I think having someone who knows the ins and outs of the vendor relationships and can make a wedding (or any event look stress free) is needed. I've had brides come to me wishing they had someone (even when I offered for just to be there on the day) telling me their horror stories. I also had brides that are DIY but on the big day, I was hired to ensure no stress came their way.

It's a win lose battle. Yet more brides are thinking if they can plan their own, they can plan anyones. The sad part is, without having a solid education in the whole industry to becoming a wedding planner/coordinator/mediator is where the greyness begins. Too many brides swear they can do it & soem can, yet I'm finding more not knowing the real foundation behind our skilled work. That and it can saturate a market of needed and creatively minded folks who can solve the problem in their sleep or keep that bride from ever knowing there was a problem with the cake.

The best thing is to not downplay the idea of a bride DIY, yet showing them the benefits of having a dual team to create their vision into reality.
Absolutely, I recently wrote a great article on this topic on my blog. Check it out:
I am a wedding celebrant and planner. I have one daughter. When she got married 4 years ago, the entire event was managed by another wedding/event planner. I can honestly say it was worth every penny, and that her wedding was one of the most enjoyable weddings I have ever attended. Even if you can't afford a planner, "day of" support is worth it. Believe me, I see many frazzled brides who try and save money, especially in a Destination Wedding. But is it worth it for this all-important day? In my opinion, no.
I believe that Wedding Planners are an invaluable resource. If you can afford it, they take away much of the stress that comes with doing it yourself. Although there are many people that believe a wedding planner isn't necessary, I don't think they can truly know until they give it a try. For example, hiring a planner for just your ceremony or for just your reception or both! I think a lot of people are misinformed about just how hard a wedding planner works for you.
Personally, I would prefer to get involved in the planning process because I can only plan my own wedding once-in-a-lifetime. Though it will be stressful, but I guess I will still enjoy it nevertheless.
A good wedding planner would help you to feel in control of your own wedding plans, rather than making you feel left out of the most important occasion in both your lives.

So true! that is one of the mistaken thoughts people get about wedding planners, that they take over control of the planning making it "theirs". but the truth is that the wedding planner only helps directing. It's the bride and groom day! it's their choice, their ideas, their everything. 

Wedding planners know vendors, get discounts and know tricks for budgeting and to save up money.

there are wedding planners though that just offer wedding consultations and wedding day coordination, as we do, for the brides that like planning themselves!


Good luck on the planning of your wedding Jasmine! :)  and congratulations!  

I like wedding planner. It helped me and my finance to save loads of time and minimize conflicts between us during the planning process.
After planning my entire wedding, "thinking" I was a DIY bride, without the help of a planner, I knew if I ever had to do it again, I would pay to hire a great event planner in a heart beat!! The stress throughout the process of not knowing what vendor, trying to save money, asking and (bothering) everyone for ideas on a DAILY basis! Not to mention the day of the wedding having my mom, MIL and bridesmaids run around looking for props, making sure the tables look good and are set right, dealing with vendors, it wasn't fair to them or to myself. The day was beautiful, but could have gone much more relaxed if I had a planner.

~ Harmony
As a planner, i believe its of benefit for a bride to hire a planner for her wedding. A planner will ensure you stay within your budget, help you design a wedding that is fabulous, and of course get you great deals with all vendors. I get discounts from all the vendors i work with and i always pass it down to my brides. If you're planning a wedding with more than 100 guests, you need a planner to take the stress of wedding planning off you, so that you can really relax and look like a princess on one of the most important days of your life.


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