With the economy taking a nose dive the trend has been for a lot of brides to scale back on spending and mainly coordinate and plan their weddings themselves. Wedding Planners do charge a fee for their services but some brides don't see the benefits. Wedding Planners are a tremendous help in working out a budget, day of wedding coordination and helping brides realize their wedding day dreams. Any thoughts on this?

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The best thing of having a wedding planner is really having someone take over the stress and managed all those small details, leaving you time to relax, sit back and enjoy your wedding no matter what happen. They are angels in a wedding. Since they are expert on their field they can help you  find great wedding deals. There are also many wedding planners who receive discounts from regularly working with certain catering companies, music, vendors, suppliers, photography and even florist.

As a future bride I would love to have a wedding planner to help me on my big day! 

I whole heartedly agree with you. The DIY brides end up spending more money and their time ( what's their time worth ) and still will not get what the need. I have seen so many errors that would curl your hair !  1) Seeing and listening to a "bride" yelling at her bridal party and guests to ensure that a photographer can take certain photo's. 2 ) The bride & bridal party walks down the aisle to recessional music ! 3 ) All the guests get up & leave before the bridal party walks the recessional, leaving the bride & groom plus bridal party at the alter. 4 ) Bride having a hysterial fit before the wedding when she see that the venue has square linen on round guest tables instead of round linen. 5 ) Bride thought she got a great deal on chair covers when they we're wrinkled, moldy, and hemming was coming away.  I don't think that many do not appreciate the education, years of hands on experience that most planners have !

The media outlets are full of advice on how to do things that the writer has only done once or twice themselves. It is a real disservice to vendors in the wedding industry and a lot of the time they give outright BAD advice.

As a nationwide DJ, photography, and video company that has done over 11,000 weddings and events we highly recommend to all of our brides that they get a  good wedding planner. We have blogs on our site relating to both wedding planners and "day of" coordinators and the importance of both. Check them out at http://www.abetterdj.net

Hiring a wedding planner can serious help reduce your expenses when it comes to finding and negotiating with the venue, DJ, photographer, bridal suite decoration etc.A wedding planner can allow of an easy transition from the initial planning steps to the final wedding day product, they have the expertise and knowledge of planning weddings. So consider all of the details while making the decision of hiring one.

Wedding planners are very useful, they spare brides from any stress that comes along the wedding planning. But given the fact that as a budget bride-to-be, I didn't get one one. In my case, I believe, it's finding the right vendor. In my case, my wedding jewelry vendor Chelsea is a beach bride herself. She owns {Red-i} by Chelsea.    http://www.redibychelsea.com/  Aside from her stunning destination jewelry and accessorizing consultation, she gives me and my entourage, she also suggests incredible ideas on a few aspects of beach wedding. She's awesome! Also, there's an on-site wedding coordinator in Dreams so that's also a big help. The rest, google it is!  :) 

Also, wedding planning excites me. I think it is a job that you won't get any tired at all. Who doesn't want to be a part of a dream wedding, right? 

Many Wedding Planners have a variety of packages.  We offer services ranging from $50.00 to $6,500.00 all of which are very helpful to brides depending upon their needs.  Even long distance consulting.

I do think they are useful. They can look over the things in details. They have a more systematic way of planning the weddings. They can act in behalf of the bride and handle the stress which brides usually have. They can be the bride's support if she doesn't have someone who will go with her. Wedding planners are the best partner a bride can have in her wedding preparation. Though a groom is available for her, we cannot still deny the fact that they know most with this matter. They have the resources, the contacts, the ideas. And if only the couple will give trust to their wedding planner, but of course with their own choice and updates too, the wedding will surely be a success.

It's absolutely YES!
I always find them very useful especially for us, me and my fiance were very busy at work, I have been giving our wedding planner everything she needs us to know, from the colors up to the simple details of the venue.The design of the wedding venue hall,up to the altar. Also, I am very happy on my wedding gown which my wedding planner had also ordered. I was just giving her the idea of the cut and design,details and then as to my surprised, it was the same as what I have been dreaming of! I would always thankful to her(Diane,the wedding planner) as she made my wedding a memorable one! Also I am very thankful to bridesire which they gave me the wedding dress I always love!

I have always found wedding planners to save couples, time, money and effort.  No bride, bridesmaids or moms should work on such a special day.  Just my opinion.  I always recommend couples hire a planner. 

They do have ideas that may not come in your mind but.. I think your wedding would be possible and successful even you and some of your friends will plan for it. Just be organized and creative. You can do it! It's a sweet thing if you are the one who planned for your wedding. :)

Useful?  As in critical, necessary, smart, the only way to go useful?   Best money a couple ever spends for the biggest day of their lives....

DIY BRIDES DO NOT REALIZE the promotion of DIY Brides is to make money off the DIY PROJECTS that are clearly done by professionals!!!   Why invite more uncertainty onto you and your loved ones?  

The purpose of a Bridal Consultant, Wedding Stylist and Event Coordinator (Choose your title, we all do the same work when it comes to saving money for our clients through brilliant resource networking and contract negotiations) 

As a Consultant/Coordinator/Stylist/Planner....My team earns every penny while saving the Bride 10-15% on her over-all Budget.  Useful, oh most definitely!

Wedding planners can be the best investment that you can make for your wedding, you will be saving yourself not only time and effort but all the stress, remember that It is your day and you should enjoy it, so why not put the responsibility into expert’s hands? Just make sure to choose someone with experience and also someone who makes you feel understood and who care for what you want, always take the lead but keep your ears open for advices!


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