With the economy taking a nose dive the trend has been for a lot of brides to scale back on spending and mainly coordinate and plan their weddings themselves. Wedding Planners do charge a fee for their services but some brides don't see the benefits. Wedding Planners are a tremendous help in working out a budget, day of wedding coordination and helping brides realize their wedding day dreams. Any thoughts on this?

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I'd think if a planner can help you save money, they're useful, but if their fee is over the amount you'd save by using them, they're not worth it. You have to take into account the time you save and what price you put on your own time, too.

I've found that clients thank me, as a wedding planner, for many things in addition to saving them money.  Some the most common things that they end up being grateful for is the time saved in finding the perfect vendors that fit their personality, style, vision and budget.  The biggest benefit that they see by far is reduced stress and families comment on how much they actually get to enjoy the wedding.

I'm sure that works for your clients and it sounds like you provide a valuable service. You sound very talented! But I think DIY brides who plan ahead and stay organized can save a lot of money without a pro planner. It just depends on the bride. I've been giving this a LOT of thought lately.

I just started a blog about what wedding favors say! Check it out! Feedback is always welcome.


We are certainly useful, especially at destination weddings where many times brides do not know the language!

Well it totally depends on the bride which option she wants to go for.In my opinion, wedding planners are a great help. They have been doing this work almost everyday.So they must be having more info about best wedding ideas suiting your budget.And after all why to get stressed even on the most special day of your life.


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