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Excuse me while I stand on my soap box for a little while.  I was talking to a planner/friend of mine who specializes in DOC services.  She's very good at her job, she goes above and beyond for her clients and she's just all around good person.  We were having a little gripping session about what really goes into DOC services.  I think brides don't realize we don't show up on your wedding day and poof, everything is perfect.  Most planners I know work with their clients for the last 6-8 weeks before their wedding, they go to the rehearsal and they are there for the whole wedding.  When you  add up the emails, phone calls, face to face meetings, rehearsal and wedding day, that's can be a least 20 hours of your time.  I think there is a big misconception out there that we all need to change.  I don't even call this service DOC because I want it to be clear to all brides out there that this service doesn't really exist.  What do you include in your "DOC" Services?  What do you think about the planner who charge $500 or less to do this?

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Most planners I know charge 500 for the DOC, however that's just the price for the day of the ceremony/reception. Any meetings prior to the event are charged as a consulation. Personally for me I don't always get 6-8 weeks prep time, I have had brides contact me as late as 2-3 weeks.
I agree 100% that you are talking at least 20hrs because you need at least 10hrs to catch up on all the plans that they have made, you have rehearsal, wedding / reception, vendor confirmations, review contracts, at least two in person meetings and you know they are going to call and email all the time. I say this should be called may be month of coordination.It seems like to just show up the day of without meeting with the client to go over everything would be impossible but maybe not for some.


I know I'm kinda late to this discussion, but I'm jumping in anyway!  I agree wholeheartedly!  I actually don't even offer a DOC package anymore. Month-Of is the minimum.  There's a lot behind the scenes that goes on- vendor intros and confirmations, drawing up the timeline, double checking the couple's plans, and confirming that we're keeping track of all the odds and ends the day includes...and not to mention the rehearsal, and the full day itself.  It's a lot- 20 hrs at min.  
I think the planners who charge less than $500 for that like working for peanuts. I recently found one in my market who's charging $250.  Nuts, if you ask me!



Thanks for your opinions ladies.  This is our industry and we need to dictate what the standards are.  I find that new comers to the industry are a big part of the pricing issue.  They should know that when they set their standards low they are doing a disservice to the industry and themselves. 

I agree I had a client that came to me with very little done I only had 48hrs to put the event together. You know how many phone calls to vendors I had to make. 500 is crazy and 250 is more nuts


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