We have heard of this becoming a national deal....banning candles from tented affairs.
So we do have a solution....our Illuminated Silk Flower Lights, well, you have to see them and better yet in person...however, we are in Nashville at The Mall at Green Hills. Visit our store at www.BellaAeris.com and view the widest selection of colors and sizes available and yes, we designed them! The flowers operate on batteries which last 36 hours straight.....just simple double aa batteries.
So the hardest part is what color to chose. Match your bouquet, arrange your tabletops, and then have an everlasting memory as your soft LED flower lights will last and last and last. Don't miss the "More Photos" section of our webpage for some stunning bouquets!

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Ann, haven't heard anything about banning candles in tents here in Nashville as yet (the Swan Ball would be devastating to say the least without votive candles by the hundreds). Your lighted floral branches are lovely and unique...do you sell them wholesale to vendors?
Hello Branching Out Floral,
Love your name! I heard about it thru TWEESA, and then called the Nashville Fire Department to confirm.
Yes, candles are no longer allowed and other cities are doing the same thing. Perhaps Cheekwood is out of the jurisdiction...I am not sure.
Yes, we do wholesale our flowers and welcome that. We just posted some great event lighting ideas on Flickr.com under the name "BellaAeris" as one word in the search....or connect with our webpage at www.BellaAeris.com and check out the "More Photos" section.
The lighted flower branches are amazing in person we would enjoy meeting you and showing them off. We could discuss details of wholesale then. If you like.....Green Hills Mall now has free valet parking at the Starbucks location at the mall....it is very,very busy now and a good thing to know you can have your car parked.
We have seen alot of venues ban candles here in the Northwest.
For the venues that no longer allow these candles we have solutions.
We carry Flameless candles that offer the same ambiance as real candles, some even flicker. Our candles come in numerous sizes from tealights, to pillars, from unscented to scented. Our website is www.lightsforalloccasions.com
If you have questions or comments please feel free to let me know.


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