Does anyone know of any free honeymoon registry sites?

Honeymoon registry sites really seem to rip people off. Seriously, they’re not only filled with ads, but they also charge you a ridiculous price for the setup free and/or service charge. We found this new site called  wanderable: where we think there must be a catch to it because it’s pretty and free. We were wondering if anyone else had used it so far or whether they knew of any other registries that were free.

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I use and recommend to my clients. They do charge a small service fee but to the gift giver if you want , they have to make money somehow. The are trustworthy and been around a long time . 

 The site you are referring to os 2011 copyright. 

The free honeymoon registry sites are know only.This one is free also They even offer free honeymoon destination guides.It might you looking for.If any one needs help to plan a wedding,they may use the wedding app and get gain from it.

and I prefer you have direct contacts to particular hotels etc and you can find your wedding venue and honeymoon destination at the same time.


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