I am working with a group who gives new or gently used prom dresses to underprivileged high school junior and senior girls going to prom this year.  Were it not for the help of this organization, these deserving young ladies would be unable to afford a beautiful dress. 

As a part of the organizations"giveaways," another photographer and I are tag teaming and giving 4 girls an in-studio photo shoot on May 1, that includes a MUA.  We are then presenting each young lady with a beautiful photo package.  We have been able to collect some donations to cover some of the costs associated with this project, but not nearly enough.  We are shy only $200 and are having the darndest time raising this money!  I cannot believe that people would not want to donate to this cause.  Everyone should remember what a special time in life prom is.  Can anyone give me some advice on how we might raise this money?  Tips regarding your fund raising efforts?  I have already talked to local businesses, but all have promised to get back with us to no avail.  If you have a suggestion please share...and if you live in Las Vegas, NV - PLEASE DONATE!

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