Double Weddings? Why Aren't They Heard of More in the "Bad Economy?"

I'm just wondering why this hasn't made a come back.  It used to be a cool thing to hear about, but I've not heard of double weddings being mentioned in a long time.  There might even be some who don't know what a double wedding is. I know they still take place in other countries.

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They are rare my last one was in St. Lucia - two sisters - but they were close and did not mind sharing the spot light together and all four were great at making wedding decisions as a team (which is extremely critical)

Good economy or bad, people don't like to share their special moments with anyone... except for some exceptions. However in India, there are a lot of double weddings or community wedding taking place where 10 to 50 couples get married in a big event organised by the community. The idea of such events is to discourage people from spending like crazy on weddings.

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