Hello all! I'm looking for ideas on how to drive more business to my website! I have done the free SEO thing and that does not seem to be working. I have wrote people from wedding bloggers, photographers and even posted in forums like this one but cannot seem to generate traffic at all :-(


I used to run a shop on Etsy but regretfully had to close it because the fees were just out of control in order to stay in the top.of listings. I was making money but most of it was going to them.


Last month I opened and launched shabbyweddingchic.com! I believe my site looks professional and I am adding new product everyday and even offering up to 20% off for new customers on there purchases!


Can you guys check out the site and give me some feedback on what you think it needs and what I can do to drive traffic?


Thanks and much appreciated!

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the site is simple and elegant ! and you have to hold on  contacting the bloggers and sites will help you promote your site, and don't give up , it is really a long road ! the fasest way to attract more popularity is to do ADs on popular site.



there is a bit too much text -- you need some clearer CTA's - I am happy to do some free consulting for you- email me adam@albumpl.us I specialize in this kind of thing

Have you tried to write articles on Ezine?


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