So I have everything I need except earrings... below is my dress link, the headpiece, the sash and how I am wearing my hair (roughly as my consult isn't for a few more weeks)...
I'm not wearing a necklace, between all the other things going on I believe it would be too much. I do have a one layer fingertip veil with sparkles on it that match the bodice of my dress that I'm wearing for the ceremony only, I'm thinking something small since my hair will be up, wdyt?

hairstyle in this pic here, picture #2 on
right (minus the flowers of course):

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I think that because of all the accessories you already have something simple would be best. You can never go wrong with small diamonds or pearls.

I´m a big believer of wearing simple accessories. The dress is awesome, the headpiece, the sash and hairstyle are wonderful. 

Don´t mess it up with big things, use small diamonds. They will be perfect touch.

thanks for your advice ladies, and I got an email from the dressmaker saying my dress will ship out next week.  I can't wait!!! These are the real photos they sent me

Also want to share my DIY stuff here

our card box: (vintage rock and roll theme with a few geeky things thrown in there)

our cake toppers (will have a marquee style sign above it that says DC Wonder Woman marries Marvel Captian America staring Chad & Christie)

the centerpieces for reception, these were a big pain in the rear at first , FI was drilling the bottles outside in the cold, breaking them :( a friend came over to help add WATER lol after that they went a lot quicker


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