Did you book one or more weddings as a result of your Facebook marketing activities?  Have you created relationships with brides on Facebook? 

I'm creating a marketing course that will teach wedding professionals exactly how to reach over 3 million engaged people on Facebook and have a flow of bridal leads delivered to you each month.  Within the course, I'd love to feature a few success stories from the wedding pros in BridalTweet's community.  If I choose your success story, you will get free exposure for your business.


For a chance to have your business featured, please share your story in this discussion and include the following information:

  1. Your Facebook page's address
  2. What type of marketing activities worked for you on Facebook?
  3. Exactly what results did you see?


If I choose to feature your story in my upcoming marketing course, I will contact you beforehand to get your official permission.

Here's to your success!

Christine Dyer, Social Media Expert and Founder of BridalTweet

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Hello Everyone,  We are Carmel's only and the finest Bridal and Social Special Occasion Boutique, located in the Su Vecino Courtyard, Lincoln bet. 5th. & 6th., Carmel,CA 93921, www.collezionefortuna.com, (831)626-1287. We are the only boutique winning award for "Business Excellence" 4 years consecutively, and now proud to announce we are in business 7 years. We were the first to offer stylish evening wear to the area when we started out, and have given many models their start in runway fashion modeling by providing the wardrobes, helping them build their Portfolios.  Two of our models have moved into gigantic careers in Europe and in South Africa!  My start as a Couture designer started at the early age of 7 years old, and later designed and made clothing for local  Boutiques off my kitchen table, which all sold the minute they hit the floor.


Facebook as been an excellent marketing tool for my business.  It networked nicely, and brought my name out locally and Globally, as far as Australia, and do have customers all over the world. It helped meeting photographers, vendors, customers, in all walks of life and helped establish reliability.  I have acquired more customers thru this social networking media, which is free, and has brought me more business than a print ad in  any newspaper. I did not think this would have been an improtant tool to try, but it has worked and it has.  I always make a rule to ask my customers how did they hear of us..and if it was thru Facebook they will say so!

It allows us to post our "Bridal Dress of the Week"..link our blogs, and other features and offers , including events at our store.


We are located at: Collezione Fortuna Fashion Boutique and Bridals, Su Vecino Courtyard, Linciln bet. 5th. & 6th., Carmel, CA 93921 (831)626-1287


Thank you,

Cathy Montante, Owner, Consultant, Designer, Fashion Buyer


1. https://www.facebook.com/ScenicLasVegasWeddings

2. We have a paid ad that we run on Facebook during busy seasons and we now have about 3900 people who like our page.  

3. We have booked quite a few weddings from our fb page.  It is also really great for our couples to be able to leave reviews on our fb page and to also interact with us before and after their wedding.  We love to hear from our couples!

I am still definitely working on my "success" story... but I appreciate reading everyone else.. I have been trying to get more likes and have had a really hard time feeling like someone cares about reading my post every day. It has helped though...if anyone can like my page or message me with their link I would love to help each other out! Thanks! 


Check out our Storefront on WeddingWire!


Hillcrest Guest House, St. John, US Virgin Islands, www.HillcrestStJohn.com, 340 776-6774, hillcrestguesthouse@yahoo.com


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